Enovate School Software

This is a School Software that makes it easy to share exam results to teachers, students and parents.

The software produces RankLists, Progress Records and Termly Report cards that are expressive and communicate directly to parents.

CBC App for JSS in Kenya

Feature Rich System

Exam Marks Entry. One Click Processing. Variety of reports and print outs. Expressive Report Cards. School Fees Balances. Messaging to Parents.

Enjoy the Convenience of Mobile Access

Almost everyone has a smartphone now. Mobile phones are used any time, anywhere. Our app makes exams management and tracking of student performance accessible and easy. The portability and convenience offered by mobile apps make them a preferred choice for many people..

Free Educational Material

Enovate gives you free access to lots of Revision Material such as past KCSE papers, sample exam papers for all classess, subject notes and booklets.

  • Easy Marks Entry
  • One Click Calculation
  • Access Anywhere, Anytime
  • No Technical Skills Required
  • Computer or Phone

Start Now, Enjoy Fast Exam Management

Our core business is to make exams management easy. We spend hundreds of hours to make sure you only spend 5 minutes on it.
Your core business is NOT Computer Maintenance, Software installation, back up, restore, trouble shooting. We take that from you.